Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 5: Clive Pillay

the ombudsman for banking services for moaning about the legal principle of "set-off" which allows banks to appropriate funds in a customer's cheque or savings account to recover debts owed by a customer on his credit card or personal loan.

He never ever said anything (that I am aware)about a much more horrendous practice when SARS wipes out a bank account to claim for taxes owed to them.

Personally I believe that NOBODY - not the bank, SARS or anybody else should have the right to confiscate any money out of an account if I did not give explicit authority to do so.

I would want a person such as Pillay to take a principled stance and protect the consumer's interests against all "morally repugnant" approptiation of ones funds withou consent.

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