Friday, November 20, 2015

He he he

Wie is hierdie nar in die parliment? -->

Vergelyk hom maar met enige ander president - almal het meer gravitas as hy.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cell phone rang in shoe.

Also recognised as "poepol van die week" by RSG (SABC Radio).

The Rhodes Park Murderers

Sickening. What more can one say of these atrocious deeds.

14 April 2016 Thabo Nkala, Edmor Ndlovu and Mduduzi Mathibela were allegedly part of a gang of 12 men who attacked two couples walking in the park, in Kensington, on the evening of Saturday, October 17, last year.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Wayne Minnaar

Metro police - for arresting 300 migrants in Johannesburg City Centre - Whoopee! I caught 3 real criminals in the process. "Those without papers will be deported" he said. I guess we will keep the criminals! Why not just catch the criminals and let the others be - the human suffering that these old Apartheid actions have, is surely something that could be avoided?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mathole Motshekga

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Andrew Trench

for blocking comments on the News24 site. He should read this article

Grace Boroto

"Ms Boroto then ordered the EFF leader to leave the debating chamber. But Mr Malema stood his ground, after which the National Assembly chairwoman summoned Parliament’s new security recruits to remove him. Sixteen parliamentary security personnel stormed into the chamber and escorted Mr Malema out. The staff nearly came to blows with EFF MPs, who also left the House, clapping and cheering." One should be able to say anything in Parliament with absolute immunity. Where else could one speak one's mind without repercussions in SA. With all the other laws in South Africa controlling anything from hate speech to having to print lies on cigarette packets, one would hope that in the sacred halls of the legislature one could call a spade a spade if that is the way you see it - even if it is a shovel. Sorry, you fell from grace today - you should have let him say his say and then shut up, if he kept on talking, well... - then you may want to remove him for rowdy or other behaviour = but not to order him to retract what he was saying - even if somewhat misguided.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

John Robbie for falling for the scam

...and broadcasting to the world that Arnold Vosloo was killed in a car accident before checking his facts. Don't do it - I thought you were a journalist not spreader of unverified rumours. How about the story that the queen has a penis, Malema has Aids or Verwoerd was a queer and that Obama didn't deny having sex with a crocodile?

Friday, September 4, 2015


"Seftel revealed that the transport loop would remain a permanent feature once the festival was completed. “It will take another six or seven months to construct the loop permanently and then there will be only one lane for private cars on those roads.” - See more at: Is this what people want or is this what the planners and control freaks want. Seftel is acting quite poepolish with her first world public transport plans. We all agree that well run public transport systems are great. Only two interlinked provisos: do the population density and type of travellers warrant a specific public transport action will the project be sustainable (profitable). I get the feeling that this is another social engineering experiment at the taxpayers expense (similar to the flagship uneconomical Rea Vaya and Gautrain projects).

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

ArcelorMittal South Africa Ltd

I think this is the first company that made my list. We can get cheap steel and look at wht these guys do - they are not on the consumer and user's side! Imagine 25% discount! Look here to see why I list them here:

ArcelorMittal South Africa Ltd. said last week that it’s going to fight steel from China, which is being sent to ports at prices as much as 25 percent below local output costs, according to the country’s largest maker. The unit of ArcelorMittal wants the government to increase tariffs.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lynne Brown

Sy is een in meer opsigte as een. Sy verstaan net nie hoe die mark werk nie. Hoor wat se sy:

Brown was emphatic that she did not believe one should change the state-driven ownership model “for now... until you know what you are working towards. You can't make a decision (about) what happens to Eskom or any of the other state owned companies (until then)".

Brown told reporters that South Africa can expect three more years of power cuts, Reuters reported.

My long politician's answer

Turning to what she called "my long politician's answer", namely the question of what could be privatised by the State, Brown said: "Basic services must be provided by the State. How private companies and the private sector interact with that is part of what we are trying to do now. (But) we must be able to remain in charge as a State for want of a better word".

soos geraporteer deur:

Indien sy verstaan het sou sy gese het "Ons is van plan om te dereguleer - maw enigiemand wat elektrisiteit wil verskaf aan gebruikers sal dit kan doen en ons as regering sal alles in ons vermoe doen om struikelblokke uit die weg te ruim. Sy mag selfs gese het "ek dink nie dat enigiemand dit goedkoper as ESKOM sal kan doen nie want die Staat subsidieer hulle sodat ons die armstes van die armstes kan help om goedkoop krag te bekom - maar ons nooi almal uit wat die kapasiteit het om elektrisiteit op te wek om dit te doen tot voordeel van die land en sy mense" Maar nee - sy bly klou aan die Apartheid droom van 'n staatsbeheerde kragvooesienings netwerk wat net nie werk nie.

Friday, July 10, 2015

- wat BTW na 17% wil opstoot.

So ja, Judge Dennis Davies kry die eer om my poepol van die week te wees. Wat weet hy rerig van die armoede en pyn wat sy toename in belasting gaan meebring? His discussions with World Bank economists suggested South Africa needed a tax to gross domestic product ratio of close to 30% — and not the 19% or 20% for which some commentators had asked. Wat de fok weet hierdie ouens nou rerig van wat 'n ideale verhouding behoort te wees. Die sosialistiese dose. Jammer vir die vloek maar dit moet nou ophou - om my geld te vat vir ander mense. Dit is hulle wat maak dat ek nie eers meer omgee vir 'n arm, koue en honger bedelaar by 'n robot nie - want ek dink hoekom moet ek omsien na jou welsyn as 30% van my inkomste gaan om vir mense soos hulle te help. Maar dan gee ek maar 'n paar sent want hy is net so magteloos soos ek. 'n Toename in BTW gaan ons ekonomie skade berokken.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


23 Jan 2015, 11:37 Kortbroek word eersdaags herontplooi as ambasadeur in Griekeland. Die arme Grieke - hulle het reeds genoeg probleme van hul eie. Nou kry hulle nog een by. Marthinus van Schalkwyk, die laaste NP-leier en tot onlangs toe ANC-minister, verhuis eersdaags Europa toe vir sy waarskynlike aanstelling as Suid-Afrika se nuwe ambassadeur in Griekeland. Die Burger verneem vertroulik Van Schalkwyk het reeds met diplomatieke opleiding begin. Die departement van internasionale betrekkinge en samewerking wou dit egter gister nie bevestig nie.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I like this selection too!

Gert van der Veer

for not coming clean on the missing Helderberg tapes.