Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Judge Motata

“Richard Baird, who runs a consultancy, told the court yesterday that Motata said, “f**k you” and, pointing at him , said, “f**k the white guy” several times when confronted at the scene of the accident on January 6 .”

His blood sample was kept at room temperature for 6 weeks (while being fast tracked!)and may have caused more alcohol to have formed - No ways 4X the legal limit I would argue...

Be that as it may - the SA public should say - admit guilt and we would consider that you may stay within the legal profession (NOT as a judge) or drag your case out, waste time, bring the judiciary in disrepute and NEVER enter a court again other than a defendant in your next crime.

You are a poepol and the prosecution and support team share the honour...

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