Saturday, April 11, 2009

The 2009 Two Oceans Commentators

That did not notice that Wachiro was catching up to Marco Mambo until it was too late. They could have given us some exciting commentary rather than praising Mambo, speculating about Mambo, saying what great athlete he was, having it in the bag, talking about his wife doing the work, making history and generally talking crap - all that while he was being overtaken by the Kenyan! They were sleeping on the job! They missed an opportunity of giving us quality and gripping commentary. Bah to SABC for goofing this one up!

This year’s Two Oceans ultra marathon then was won this morning by John Wachira from Central Gauteng (orig. Kenya) in a time of three-hours-10-minutes-and-06 seconds. Marco Mambo of Zimbabwe, who was trying to win the gruelling race for a fourth time, was second, less than a minute behind Wachira. Mapisela Ntlotsoeu was third.

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