Monday, January 18, 2010

Patrick Craven

Pravin Gordhan, Minister of finance in South Africa, also not a friend of liberty and free markets, has asked the public for ideas for his upcoming budget (following in the footsteps of his predecessor). Here comes another member of the alliance, Patrick Craven from COSATU, and he says - tax the rich more. Have these guys no principles - propgating the idea of theft just because some individuals are more wealthy? What kind of message does this send to our crime ridden country where it seems to be OK to take what you think you are entitled to.

Patrick Craven, we know that there are many poor people in South Africa, but the answer does not lie in more taxes - the answer lies in making it easier to earn money - for example, take away the apartheid laws that keep the creation of wealth away from the poor. Start with the onerous laws involved in the transfer of land from one individual to another. The vested interests such lawyers, town planners, transfer attorneys, municipal burocrats, land surveyors, the fiscus (receivers of transfer fees) will all resist your attempts - but this is where you should start.

Sorry, because of your simplistic and wrong view you have been added to this list.

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