Friday, January 24, 2014

A respected leader and academic slipped this time...

Prof Jonathan Jansen receives the honour this week for wanting to drag a private service provider (the lady that rents out student accommodation to white students) before some human rights tribunal. Now it would have been nice if she had been more skilled at identifying the best tenants based on criteria other than race, but she is basing her action on her experience, her prejudices and her limited view of the world - I think he is being, perhaps not a big poepol, but a bit poepolagtig. He should concentrate on fundamental property rights and if, under such conditions there is less overt racism in the normal free interaction between people he can regard himself succesful in his endeavour to produce a colourblind society. He should therefore for example rather resist state intervention in the setting of race based targets for university staff appointments if he was true to principle - rather than going after some small fry "tannie". They surely used race as a basis for selecting the persons to appear on the banner of their website! See the copy below. I just wondered is the guy third from the left is an Indian - I would surely hope so given the Free State's history. And the girl on the right - I hope she is coloured otherwise the balance will not be right. Or did I not interpret the hue of any of the others correctly - come on we have to stop this Apartheid classification nonsense!

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