Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gilad Isaacs

Gilad Isaacs admits that people will be put out of a job through a minimum wage - he however through a "model" shows that this will be "negligible"! If I am that person it is not "negligible" it is serious! These guys that sit in their higly paid and often taxpayer sposored positions should not tell others what to do. Least of all employ the power of the state to hurt the most vulnerable in society. There is this guy that can hardly keep a job because his marginal contribution barely covers his marginal contribution and here comes the MWL and puts him out on the street. Well done (Dr!) Isaacs - you have just done your duty as a Socialist - using the force of the state to create a better society. How can we shut you up other than simply calling you and your Utilitaian ilk "poepolle"?

One can read what he says here and I hope you care enough to protect the vulnerable in society to keep their jobs and whatever dignity they have left by resisting the propesd Minimum Wage legislation. What is worse is that GI serves as academic rationalisation to people like this:

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